About Us and Our Ministry

Saturday, January 1, 2000

About Us

We are missionaries in Mexico. We sensed the call of God to move full-time to Mexico in December 2008.
Since the beginning of our walk in Christ we both knew ministry was our life commitment. We lived in New York and after a year married we moved to South Carolina to what soon was going to be our ministry home.
We are far from perfect, but we strive to serve the Lord with all our hearts and life! We have put God first and He has greatly blessed us. We have planted 2 churches in South Carolina and helped establish another.

Wilson –
I asked God for the spirit of Paul, passionate about serving His church and teaching sound doctrine. The Lord fulfilled my desire with an apostolic calling (Ephesians 4). With the guidance of the Word, Holy Spirit, and godly mentors the Lord has equipped me to serve as headship to pastors and local church leadership.

Diana –
Out of need and desperation comes a heart of intercession. Birthing 2 church plants with my husband served as a breakthrough to experience healing, freedom, and restoration. My life’s desire is to teach the Word of God, transforming us to his image with a grace-filled, religion-free, relationship with Christ.
We are both members of COGOP.  We follow the authorities God has put over us, our home church is SFWC. For info on what we believe click on our Statement of Faith page.

About Our Ministry

There different facets to our ministry in Mexico. We serve locally, the regional area, and beyond.

Tlacotlapilco, is a very small town in the state of Hidalgo, this is also the place where we live. Tlaco, as it's called for short, is part of a big valley surrounded by many more towns with thousands in population. The native language is HÑAHJÑU, also called OTOMÍ, which is spoken largely by the older generation. We have formed relationships with regional pastors and community leaders. We are establishing biblical teachings through weekly bible study and we are also training a new pastor.

The Lord has opened an opportunity for us to work with a ‘religious association’, as they are called here, named Sinai. Their committee makes trips to area churches as an encouragement and to also handle church affairs. These trips could be as short as an hour away or as far as 7 hours. Some have been altogether 24 hours. We go with them to preach, give conferences to youth and church leadership, and also network with their pastors.
This is how we are developing a Pastor’s Training Center. We are very excited about it since we will be impacting the lives and ministry of 40 + pastors and leaders (for more info check our Special Projects page).

Tlachichilco (Tlachi- for short) is in the state of Veracruz. From Tlaco (where we live) to the families we minister is 7 hours away, 6 by car, 1 hour by donkey or walking if one is not available. Our trips to Tlachi are for 3 days. There is no electricity and no drinking water. There is 1 light bulb outside the house used with solar energy. The women cook by fire; water is brought from a fountain and boiled.  In this community is where we will build a public school (for more info check our Special Projects page).
We give no boundaries to the Lord, we will go wherever he calls us and takes us.

We thank you for your prayers for us and for the people we are touching. We believe in the ministry of intercession and we understand that there is victory in the spiritual and the natural. We give God all the glory for He alone is worthy!